Continued Dental Education



Dentistry  is  a  constantly  evolving  field  with many exciting changes and breakthroughs. As a student, you may find it hard to keep up with these advances but you may also end up feeling overwhelmed  with  the  amount  you  need  to learn.

CDE  Programs  are  especially  designed  to breakdown  these  international  developments into  easily  digestible  courses  that  augment your practice. Your patients will hear about the latest in international dentistry offered by you much before  they pick up  the buzz  from  the general market.Our  faculty are  regular  speakers at  international  conferences  and  are  much sought after for their knowledge and skills in dentistry. Each of our programs are  carefully put together by dental clinicians and surgeons who have years of experience. As a participant, you attend not  just  lectures but also get  the opportunity  to view  live  clinical and  surgical demos and hands-on practice.